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Product Information

MG Painting & Decorating have created this page to give you an idea of the types of products available and the various finishes to the paints we recommend.


Interior finishes to walls and ceilings

  • Vinyl Matt – A premium Matt emulsion paint with excellent opacity and coverage

  • Flatt Matt – A premium dead Matt emulsion paint provides a fashionable finish

  • Acrylic Durable Matt – a premium Matt emulsion with increased durability for use on interior walls

  • Acrylic Eggshell – A premium quality mid sheen emulsion which resists stains and keeps its finish for longer

  • Vinyl Silk – A premium emulsion designed for use on ceilings and walls, providing a washable silk finish

  • Vinyl Soft Sheen – A mid sheen emulsion that withstands normal levels of humidity and can be wiped clean. Can be used as an alternative to silk and matt finishes


Interior finishes to wood and metal

  • High Liquid Gloss – A hard wearing solvent based paint with high gloss finish and opacity

  • Eggshell – A solvent based mid sheen finish with a durable washable finish, that is resilient to condensation

  • Satin Finish – A solvent based mid sheen finish, hard wearing washable coating


Wallpaper Coverings

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Your Home or Business.

Have you decided to redecorate your home but can’t seem to figure out what wallpaper would look best? Here’s a little advice to help you decide: 

There is an unlimited variety of patterns and textures of wallpapers available making it harder to pick what is right for you and your home.  

When you are careful about your choice of colour and pattern, your chosen wallpaper should flatter the most attractive features in your room and disguise any minor flaws.  

Large patterns tend to be the most dramatic and usually most effective in large rooms.  

Smaller, busier patterns create an active impression in a room and provide an excellent backdrop for paintings, ornaments and general architectural features. These papers are great to use when trying to hide imperfections on your surfaces. They are also generally easier to hang and match the pattern if you haven’t wallpapered before. Even if you make a small mistake the smaller pattern will hide this.  

Another consideration you will need to make is the practicality of the type of paper for the room you are decorating.  

A bathroom will need a paper which can withstand condensation and moisture in the air. Vinyl papers would be best as they have a washable coating to protect them.  

A kitchen would also need a hard wearing durable paper that can be washed down on a daily basis.  

Delicate papers should not be used in a child’s bedroom or playroom where hard wearing characteristics are needed.  

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